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Punk Profile: EndOfSeattle

My Agenda

As the founder and creator of CriticPunk, it is my responsibility to set the internal Punk and external reader expectations for the site. CriticPunk was conceived as means of expressing my analytical opinion on various entertainment experiences. Some of the reviews and opinions expressed on other "Critic" websites fail to provide constructive criticism, analysis from a historical perspective, or draw correlation among the subject's entertainment peers. The initial conception of CriticPunk was then expanded into it's current form, with each individual detail fully explained in the ABOUT section. As a writer, each written review is designed to engage the various readers on multiple levels. Whenever possible, constructive advice is embedded within the review for those seeking further explanation on the positive or negative experiences encountered with the entertainment subject. As a designer and engineer, CriticPunk will always require adjustments and reader suggestions for iterative improvement. I recommend that readers utilize Google, Wikipedia , and a dictionary whenever they lack a full understanding of a word or reference within any form of literature.

My Intended Audience

Individuals that have participated in the creation/production of the reviewed entertainment subject, whom seek constructive criticism. Individuals whom are seeking an analytical opinion of the reviewed entertainment subject. Individuals seeking a trusted source of information to be used in their decision-making process for investing in the reviewed entertainment subject. Individuals seeking general knowledge and a trusted perspective on the reviewed entertainment subject for enhancing their own understanding.

List of Written Reviews

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