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Punk Profile: Carver Riot

My Agenda

As the grammar and punctuation Nazi, *ahem* "Editor", my duty is to keep all my fellow writers on a tight chain leesh [and studded collar, of course]; ensuring that their little pens scribe reviews that could only be worthy of the educated mind and eye. In turn, I hope to keep our beloved audience from ripping their hair out when they find a missing comma, or an article clearly written after a long night of chugging Colt 45.

Being the Vicious Lady Writer, I'll be sharing my own 10p of analytical criticism, twisted with my utmost sincere honesty, while [more than likely] giggling to myself as each article is being crunched out of my fingertips. I plan to share, and hopefully engage, our readers with the same expressions, sentiments, ideals, and giggles that I experience for any particular topic. And being one to constantly search for underground gems, I shall take the liberty of uncovering said gems, and bring some light to these over-looked talents, which they so deserve.

My Intended Audience

Those who possess an open-mind, sense of humor, sense of some "common fuckin' sense", love for life, and perhaps a dash of the ole' ultraviolence.

List of Written Reviews

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