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Punk Profile: Assault Android Fennec

My Agenda

My goal is to introduce readers to a wide range of games in a wide range of genres. To explore the infinite possibilities of gaming, far beyond the AAA multi-million dollar FPSs. My reviews are geared towards positivity, because I find it counter-intuitive to "introduce" readers to a game only to inform them it's not actually worthwhile to play. I will review a variety of games, from those that are pure and unadulterated, to those that push the limits of what it means to be a game. I may also review various shows, movies, comics and books that catch my fancy.

My Intended Audience

People who want to try something totally different. If you want to play a game that feels totally new and unique, then I'm your guy. Whether you're totally sick of the mainstream, or you love CoD but are looking for a fresh look on gaming, you'll find a number of recommendations here.

List of Written Reviews

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