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CriticPunk Goes Live!

On the first day of fall...

After four months of prepatory work, typing, cash investing, and recruiting, CriticPunk has finally launched! With the help of a small handful of fellow Punks, I have brought each of the reviews on CriticPunk to the public. Now, I realize that there aren't many reviews currently available to read. I ensure you that we are hard at work, doing whatever our day jobs require to pay the bills. Once that is taken care of, and if there is any time left over, we will certainly contribute everything that we can to improve and expand CriticPunk.

With that said, know that CriticPunk is actively looking for potential Punks to recruit. What CriticPunk needs are a whole lot of writers and editors that can create some truely respectable reviews. CriticPunk also needs Punks with other skills as well, such as: artists, entrepreneurs, web designers and developers, etc. If want to become a Punk for CriticPunk, the you should visit the Jobs Page Here.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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